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Alopecia, Hair loss, may cause serious concerns and, sometimes, devastating feelings in men, women and children alike: - lower self confidence, feeling less attractive and desirable in  physical, personal and the social interaction with  possible partners. 
- greater dissatisfaction with life and a feeling powerless to stop an ongoing
hair loss
- looking older and less competitive on the job.

Over 70%  of men with baldness consider hair to be an important feature of one’s image, 62% acknowledged that their hair loss caused them a decrease in self esteem and confidence. 38% reported missed stable romantic relationships due to reduced self-confidence or even shame.
21% reported feelings of depression due to alopecia. Sadly, baldness often becomes the subject of derision, unthinkable with other conditions! 45% complain of teasing by peers when experiencing even modest hair loss, and 79% with extensive baldness (Cash 1992).
​While many harbor negative feelings and powerlessness towards ongoing hair loss, 10% only will seek treatment!

Dr. Holzer has devoted the last 18 years exclusively to scalp reconstruction, hair transplants and the pharmacological treatments of hair loss for women and men.

 I believe that the pride, skill and love I invest in my work will lead me to the success and joy I share with my patients.